Thick welds require multiple pairs of conventional transducers and multiple passes to complete an inspection, increasing inspection cycle time and reducing process reliability. The time of fight diffraction (TOFD) technique offers fast weld inspection with excellent defect detection and sizing capabilities, with relative indifference to taper angle or defect orientation.



Detect and measure defects in thick components, regardless of orientation, improving productivity and reliability. It provides a comprehensive assessment of component quality, streamlining production and ensuring high quality results.



Design of a new transducer geometry to inspect thicknesses up to 200mm in a single pass (cycle times reduced by half) based on TOFD inspection technique. This design is capable of detecting and dimensioning defects regardless of orientation.

The final solution of this project has resulted in a highly innovative and marketable functional solution. By combining cutting-edge technologies, we have created a comprehensive solution that efficiently and effectively meets the market’s needs.

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