Rapid weld inspection system based on TOFD technology

Thick welds require multiple pairs of conventional transducers to complete an inspection, as well as multiple passes, increasing inspection cycle time and reducing process reliability. The TOFD technique offers rapid weld inspection with excellent defect detection and sizing capabilities, with relative indifference to the bevel angle or defect orientation. Mastery of this technique allows us to offer very competitive tools that, when combined with Endity’s automation platforms, are unique in the market.

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Efficient single-pass inspection of thick welds (cycle time reduced by 50%).

Guaranteed signal quality for reliable defect detection.

Reduces human error in the inspection process.

Single digital register for comprehensive weld documentation.


Universal compatibility with different weld types and materials.

Advanced TOFD technology for accurate defect detection.

High frequency transducer for accurate signal transmission.

Rugged construction for durability in harsh environments.

Intuitive user interface for easy operation and set-up.

Real-time data visualisation for instant analysis.

Automated scanning functions for efficient inspections.

Seamless integration into existing inspection workflows.

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