Machine health and process enhancement

Edge platform

Assets monitoring with our industrial Edge platform

Assets monitoring:

Advanced edge plug & play device that ensures cyber-security and seamless compatibility with the leading CNCS and PLCS available in the market.

Main features

Safeguarding your digital journey


Native connectivity to most of the numerical controls in the market, IoT platforms (via OPC UA, MQTT, MODBUS… protocols) robots, sensors, MES /ERP systems (SAP, INFOR…). The industrial edge, ENDITY Box, is connected directly to the machine. It can be easily configured to gather and serve data. If required, we can develop custom connectors.


Platform with ISO/IEC 15408:2009, ISO/IEC 18045:2008, and Common Criteria certifications.

Other features

Simplicity meets management

Local or cloud management:

It can be managed and deployed in the Edge, in the fog or in the cloud.

Easy-to-use and deploy:

Low-code configuration and plug and play system.

Modular and open architecture:

Open platform ready for your own dockered application developments.


Make this platform grow along with your business needs and no limit to the number of connected assets.

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