The ability to combine conventional (low frequency) and phased array ultrasonic (UT) testing is critical to the efficient and safe maintenance of wind turbines, thereby improving their performance and extending their life. UT inspection provides a non-destructive method of detecting defects and damage in blades, allowing repairs or replacements to be made before failure occurs.



Development of non-destructive inspection solutions based on UT to ensure the structural integrity of wind turbine blades. Inspection of the various joints present in these components, the bonding of the leading and trailing edges of the two shells and the intermediate reinforcements such as CAP-WEB and REAR-WEB joints.



Conventional or phased array UT inspection of the various adhesive joints on a wind turbine blade: leading and trailing edges, CAP-WEB and REAR-WEB joints, either manually (30% reduction in inspection time), semi-automatically (40% reduction in inspection time) or completely unassisted (60% reduction in inspection time).

The final solution of this project has resulted in a highly innovative and marketable functional solution. By combining cutting-edge technologies, we have created a comprehensive solution that efficiently and effectively meets the market’s needs.

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