Semi-automatic inspection scanner for in-service inspection process

Semi-automatic inspection scanner for a wide range of applications such as material integrity or bond inspection for both composite and metal components in the wind and aerospace industries. Our e-blade autonomous solution has been packaged to provide the highest standards of quality and reliability for in-service inspection needs and environments.

If you are interested, please contact our technical department.


Energy and water supply solutions adapted to each customer’s processes and resources.

For a wide range of applications, such as the detection of manufacturing defects, service failures or verifications, both in terms of one-off repairs or massive campaigns.

Ultrasonic data reliability thanks to water flow control, auto-calibration function and automatic backwall echo monitoring.


Modular linear axis configuration to cover different inspection window sizes or surface curvatures depending on the target blade.

Lightweight design for easy portability.

Encoder for accurate scan representation.

Adaptable probe head with the ability to integrate conventional or phased array transducers.

Possibility to automate data processing.

Possibility of integrating any ultrasonic (UT) acquisition hardware available on the market.

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