Analysis of wind turbine blade samples is critical to improving manufacturing processes. It identifies surface and volumetric defects, optimises materials and bonding techniques, and ensures blade quality and performance. This reduces costs, increases turbine efficiency and lifetime, and prevents costly failures.



To develop a non-destructive inspection solution based on ultrasound (UT) to ensure the structural integrity of wind turbine blades by developing a robotic wind blade samples cell with easy configuration for different probe sizes and ensuring reliable and repeatable ultrasonic data.



Conventional or phased array UT flaw detector mounted on a robotic cell to inspect the various bonded joints on a wind turbine blade samples. Composite materials up to 100mm thick can be inspected with a scan resolution of 3mm and an inspection speed of up to 500mm/s, reducing the impact of human factors, inspection time and implementing an automatic data evaluation process.

The final solution of this project has resulted in a highly innovative and marketable functional solution. By combining cutting-edge technologies, we have created a comprehensive solution that efficiently and effectively meets the market’s needs.

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