Autonomous ultrasonic inspection system for a wide range of applications

The stand-alone solution is the only way to decouple the inspection and evaluation process, removing the human factor from the inspection and allowing operators to focus their expertise on the evaluation process. The reliability of the data obtained, and above all its repeatability, opens the door for the first time to the tangible application of Endity’s AI-assisted evaluation, offering an end-to-end digital process.

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100% autonomous and digital inspection, ensuring signal quality to reduce noise and false positives, providing the reliable data needed to apply big data strategies.

Customised options to meet expectations in terms of NDT specifications, inspection cycle times, manufacturing requirements and HSE regulations.

Remote upload of raw data and inspection reports to the cloud or the customer’s server, ensuring data traceability throughout the component lifecycle.

Elimination of the human factor in inspection and dramatic reduction in time.


Possibility of using conventional ultrasound (UT) or phased array technology with an inspection speed of up to 500mm/s.

Vision module to monitor the component and define the area to be inspected.

AI-based automation of the evaluation process and connection to the IoT platform (ENDITYBox).

Elimination of the human factor in inspection: repeatability and reliability of inspections.

UT auto-calibration functions for changing workpiece conditions.

Workpiece tracking: From free navigation tracking in real changing environments to 100% autonomous mapped or guided navigation.

>8 hours of autonomy in the working area. 80% battery charge in 1 hour.

Scalable to the size of the part being inspected.

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