Endity Showcases Cutting-Edge Non-Destructive Testing Systems at Wind Europe 2023 Exhibition in Copenhagen

Endity Solutions is proud to announce its successful participation in the prestigious Wind Europe Exhibition 2023, held from April 25th to 27th in Copenhagen, Denmark. During the event, Endity stood out as a leading provider of non-destructive testing solutions for the wind industry.

The Wind Europe Exhibition brought together key players in the global wind industry, and Endity’s booth attracted a large number of visitors, including energy experts, engineers, and industry professionals. Endity took this opportunity to showcase its innovative non-destructive testing systems, specifically designed for the wind sector.

Endity’s systems enable comprehensive and precise inspections of wind turbine blades, ensuring their structural integrity and optimal performance. These non-destructive testing systems utilize advanced technologies such as ultrasound and induced currents to assess the condition of key components in wind turbine blades and detect potential defects or wear before they become major issues.

In addition to exhibiting its non-destructive testing systems, Endity actively participated in panel discussions and technical presentations, where its experts shared knowledge about best practices in non-destructive inspections in the wind industry. These interactions contributed to strengthening collaboration and the exchange of ideas with other industry leaders and professionals.

Endity Solutions CEO, Ivan Castro, expressed his satisfaction with the participation in Wind Europe 2023: “We are excited to have been part of this key event for the wind industry. Our non-destructive testing systems provide a comprehensive and reliable solution to ensure the safety and optimal performance of the wind industry. We will continue to be committed to driving quality and efficiency in the sector through our innovative solutions.”

Endity’s participation in Wind Europe 2023 in Copenhagen has further strengthened its position as a leader in the field of non-destructive testing applied to the wind industry. The company takes pride in contributing to the safety and performance of wind turbine blades, thus driving the expansion of renewable energy.


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