Endity participates in the 50th anniversary of Kuka Iberia, highlighting a strong and innovative partnership

Endity attended the celebration of Kuka Iberia’s 50th anniversary in Barcelona on June 21st. This special event was an occasion to commemorate four decades of success in the robotics market and to emphasize the solid partnership between Kuka and Endity.

As a key supplier for Endity, Kuka has been a strategic partner in the development of non-destructive testing solutions that have contributed to the quality and safety of Endity’s products and services over the years. This collaboration has strengthened the position of both companies in the market, enabling growth and innovation in different fields of industrial automation.

The 50th anniversary of Kuka Iberia was an exciting and recognition-filled event. During the celebration, Endity had the opportunity to highlight the collaboration with Kuka in the development of non-destructive testing systems that have improved the quality and efficiency of their products. Endity’s representatives shared experiences and technical knowledge with the attendees, reaffirming the ongoing commitment of both companies to excellence in the industry.

Endity’s participation in the 50th anniversary of Kuka Iberia underscores the importance of collaboration between both companies in the development of cutting-edge technological solutions. As a reliable supplier to Endity, Kuka has played a fundamental role in enhancing the company’s products and new developments.


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