A new generation of eddy current (EC) based robotic inspection solutions that can detect surface defects in big and complex geometries. The system can detect defects in critical areas with high accuracy. The solution also includes Endity software, which allows the precise location and size of defects in the component.



Big components are usually difficult to inspect using traditional methods (MP and LP), which depend on the subjectivity of the operator and are time consuming. The combination of EC technology and robotics enables fast, automatic, digital defect detection in complex, high value-added geometries.



An EC sensor is mounted in a specific and customised head installed on the robot. The non-contact between the sensor and the part ensures high precision and durability of the EC sensors. Communication protocols between the EC hardware and the robots allow the identification, location and sizing of the defect in the part based on classical or ML algorithms.

The final solution of this project has resulted in a highly innovative and marketable functional solution. By combining cutting-edge technologies, we have created a comprehensive solution that efficiently and effectively meets the market’s needs.

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