e-robot ec

High-precision robotic inspection solution based on eddy current technology

A new generation of eddy current (EC) based robotic inspection solutions capable of detecting surface defects in large and complex geometries. The system can detect defects in critical areas with high accuracy. The solution also includes Endity software, which allows the precise location and size of defects in the component.

If you are interested, please contact our technical department.


Automatic robotic inspection system based on EC.

Automatic detection and location of defects.

Increase the probability of detection (POD) by reducing the level of uncertainty.


Different types of sensors depending on the defect to be detected and the application.

Customised sensor head designed by our experts.

No contact between the sensor and the component.

Highly efficient communication protocols defined and designed by our engineering team.

Automatic defect location and sizing.

Specific software designed according to the customer’s needs.

Valid for multiple applications: bearing rings, aeronautic casings, etc.

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