Endity is developing an NDT 4.0 automated ultrasonic testing (UT) system with digital capabilities that enable automatic defect evaluation, material and dimensional changes. The solution is also scalable to other cylindrical forged components and is easily configurable to respond to a wide range of component references for variations in grade and material thickness.



The forging industry requires high inspection standards within limited time cycles to avoid this stage becoming a bottleneck. At present, the inspection is carried out manually in terms of data acquisition and evaluation, which takes a considerable amount of time. It also introduces the factor of human error, which affects reliability and probability of detection (POD) capability.



Phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) inspection system implements the immersion technique, enabling the detection of volumetric defects in the component and optimizing inspection times by 85%. The UT configuration system, performed through CIVA simulations, ensures inspection requirements for all references. The results are post-processed using AI, allowing automatic defect classification and registration, as well as automated defect evaluation.

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