Modular and lightweight system for railway monobloc wheel inspection

Modular system configuration that includes acquisition hardware and sensors operating in pulse-echo and pitch-catch modes for transverse defect detection. The system’s ease of use and guided rail allows for easy handling of the instrument without the need for any special calibration procedures during its lifetime.

If you are interested, please contact our technical department.


Full coverage of the tread in a single pass, reducing cycle time by up to 80%.

Lightweight system that is easy to handle.

Adaptable to different wheel diameters.


Transverse defect detection up to 3mm deep notches in the tread and 3mm FBH up to 4mm below the tread.

Accuracy of 3dB guaranteed.

Compatible with standard wheel manufacturing steels (ER6, ER7, ER8, ER9) according to EN 13262.

Tested and approved by European railway OEMs to ISO 5948, FS308185 and ST308185 standards.

Easy to maintain.

No special calibration procedure required during lifetime.

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