Measurement of residual stresses in railway wheels with UT-EMAT technology

Including acquisition hardware, visualization software and sensors, this easy-to-handle device is designed for manufacturing and maintenance operations without the need for any coupling agent. During the EMAT inspection, a sensor is moved over different points of the rim and the volumetric stress state of the wheel is obtained at each point.

If you are interested, please contact our technical department.


Easy to carry and clamping device, in addition to a simple and fast inspection.

Cycle time reduction up to 60%.

No need for any coupling agent.

No need for an electrical or pneumatic power supply.


Portable scanner for the semi-automated measurement of residual stress in train wheels within field conditions.

Able to penetrate through surface coatings and corrosion.

No beam steering errors that may arise due to misalignment between the transducer and the surface.

Correct contact between sensor and wheel ensured by mechanical design.

Compatible with standard wheel manufacturing steels (ER6, ER7, ER8, ER9).

Compatible with inspection requirements in compliance with EN 13262 – Annex D and German Standard VPI 09.

Easy maintenance.

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