e-robot ut

Robotic cell inspection solution based on ultrasonic testing

Robotic cells based on ultrasonic testing (UT) offer a wide range of capabilities, including the assessment of material integrity and the verification of bonded joints. The solution also incorporates Endity software, which enables precise defect location and sizing within the component.

If you are interested, please contact our technical department.


Flexible solutions for changing geometries.

Reduces the impact of the human factor during inspection.

Repeatable and reliable digital data.

Significant reduction in inspection time.


Possibility to automate UT data evaluation.

Adaptable to geometry variations.

Conventional or phased array probes.

Significant time reduction.

Digital recording of UT data.

Possibility of integrating any UT acquisition hardware available on the market.

Scalable to the size of the part being inspected.

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