Internal integrity control system for railway hollow axle

Portable unit with integrated ultrasonic (UT) probes and graduated scale for accurate flaw location over the full length of the axle. Inspection is performed manually and quickly from one side of the axle to improve accessibility. Modular system that can also incorporate acquisition hardware and visualisation software.

If you are interested, please contact our technical department.


Full coverage of the axle volume, reducing cycle time by up to 80%.

Defect detection over the full length of the axle from one side.

Guaranteed signal quality for reliable defect detection.


Adaptable to different axle internal diameters from 20mm.

Adjustable to specified axle lengths.

Transverse defect detection from 2mm depth.

Accuracy of 6dB guaranteed.

Real-time data visualisation for instant analysis.

Compatible with standard axle steels (EA1T, EA4T, EA1N…) according to EN 13261.

Access to the inner part of the axle from the head, only the axle box has to be removed.

Contact between the transducers and the axle guaranteed by a preload system.

Known position of the transducers throughout the inspection.

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