Ultrasonic system for automatic inspection of wheelsets internal defects

Machine for the volumetric inspection of a complete disassembled wheelset during maintenance. Designed to perform the entire process automatically, without the need for specialist NDT personnel, either for the inspection process or for data evaluation. The machine also incorporates digital recording capabilities to ensure traceability of results for future reference and analysis.

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Complete wheelset inspection in a single pass, reducing cycle time by up to 3 minutes.

Ready for installation in existing maintenance lines.

Automatic inspection and evaluation process without the need for a specialist NDT operator.

No need for an immersion tank, eliminating the problems associated with contamination.


Can be adapted for partial inspections of wheels or axle only.

PAUT inspection method used.

Detects defects up to Ø3mm FBH.

Complete inspection of the wheel set including rim, seat, axle journal and body.

Robust system to support the weight of the components being inspected.

Eliminates the need to completely disassemble the bearing and axle.

Suitable for all types of solid and hollow axles.

Complies with the inspection and reading points defined by AAR, ISO, GOST, UNE-EN and VPI standards.

Alarm generated by the system when cracks or defects are detected.

Generation of a detailed report containing all the information related to the inspection.

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