Satellite and planetary ultrasonic testing inspection system

Development of an automated phased array ultrasonic (UT) inspection system for the volumetric inspection of gears (satellite and planetary) in wind turbine gearboxes. Increase the probability of detection (POD), reducing the uncertainty of manual inspections. Detection and localisation of indications in the raw material for subsequent gear cutting. Savings in non-quality costs in the order of 40%.

If you are interested, please contact our technical department.


Improved POD & inspection confidence.

Accurate defect detection & location.

Improved gear quality assurance.

Significant cost savings (up to 40%).


Phased array ultrasonic technology.

Automated inspection system.

Volumetric inspection capability.

Specialised in gears (satellite and planetary).

High precision defect detection.

Advanced raw material indication detection.

Efficient gear cutting guidance.

Cost effective non-quality reduction.

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