Stand-alone ultrasonic inspection systems for large metal components

Modular and flexible configurations to ensure single-pass inspection of the entire portfolio and adaptable to different manufacturing stages, including variations in geometry, surface finish and weld areas. Conventional or phased array inspection of 100% of the product volume in a single pass, including the weld seam in the case of flanges, resulting in a very significant reduction in cycle time, full digital register and a virtually unattended inspection process.

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Comprehensive single-pass inspection to reduce cycle time.

Modular and flexible configurations for different manufacturing stages.

Full digital recording and unattended inspection process.

Conventional or phased array inspection of 100% product volume.


Stand-alone system for ensuring the integrity of large metal components.

Modular and flexible configurations for guaranteed single-pass inspection.

Adaptable to variations in geometry, surface condition and weld areas.

Significant reduction in cycle time with full digital recording.

Virtually unattended inspection process for increased efficiency.

Seamless integration into existing production workflows.

High quality defect detection and sizing capabilities.

Reliable inspection of weld seams, e.g. in flanges.

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