Eddy current system to detect thermal damage and metallurgical changes

Endity’s Eddy Current (EC) Grind Burn Inspection system accurately detects the formation of grinding burns in your components. Depending on customer requirements, conventional or array sensors can be used, either in-line or integrated into the grinding machine.

If you are interested, please contact our technical department.


Replacement of the traditional subjective acid etching inspection method with a new automatic method compatible with Industry 4.0 protocols.

High versatility thanks to multiple options: different sensor geometries and configurations.

Different integration possibilities according to customer needs (robotic, in-line, in-process).


Block patterns defined, designed and manufactured by our experts.

Different types of sensors depending on the material and process to be inspected.

Possibility of using conventional or array sensors to cover a larger inspection area.

Customised inspection head designed by our engineers.

Integration: Specific machine, robot, in-line, in-process.

Valid for multiple applications: from small to big components.

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