Railway axles inspection system based on eddy current technology

Custom-made eddy current (EC) inspection system for railways axles that eliminates reliance on operator subjectivity. The solution is also scalable to other railway components, such as wheels, and can be developed as a standalone product or integrated into manufacturing machines like turning.

If you are interested, please contact our technical department.


Enhanced reliability through EC or ECA technology and the elimination of operator subjectivity.

The solution offers a more efficient alternative to the time-consuming and environmentally harmful magnetic particle inspection method.

The solution is not limited to railway axles but can be scaled to inspect other railway components such as wheels.


Block patterns definition, design and manufacturing by our experts.

Possibility of conventional or array sensor for covering more inspected area: fillets and transition zones.

Custom-made inspection head specifically designed by our engineers.

Integration with specific machines, robots, in-line.

Scalable to other railway components like wheels.

Specific software designed according to customer needs.

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